Today, in South East India many children are on the streets or in the countryside. Without an education or any form of welfare, life is difficult as they struggle in poverty to find food and shelter. Some are orphaned, many are destitute.

The John Foster Memorial Home lies on the outskirts of Mangalamcombu, in the Palani Hills of South East India. Currently it cares for 28 boys from 10 to 17 years old, providing food, clothes, safe shelter and a guaranteed education.

In a desperately poor area of India, the home gives these boys their best chance for the future. Instead of a life of abject poverty, the Trust cares and nurtures these boys, giving them an education so that they are able to leave and make a way for themselves in the outside world.


Every year the Trust has a scholarship to send one student to university. If there isn't a suitable candidate among the boys, the Trust looks for a local girl with the necessary qualifications. Last year the Trust sent a village girl, the daughter of a field worker who works in the fields from 5.00am to 3.00pm for a few rupees a day. If the Trust hadn't chosen her, she would also have to work in the fields with her mother.


The Trustees would love to accommodate girls at the home but unfortunately, because of strict cultural traditions, the Trust is unable to do so at the moment.


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